About me

First of all, let me take this moment to welcome you to my blog. You made your way to the page where I awkwardly have to try to tell you something about myself. Let’s have a go.

It’s all about…

This blog will by about adventures in my job. After working for a cloud service provider for 20+ years, I switched to consultancy. I joined a great (but small), super-ambitious IT-company (shout-out to Etesian!) in the deep south of the Netherlands. My teammates and I help organizations make the most of their Microsoft 365 services and (loosely) related solutions.

So, expect to see posts about anything related to Office, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows and Defender. Right now, though, my focus is on Endpoint Management.

I have the tendency to deep-dive into stuff and then forget about it, hence this blog. I figured: why not write it down and share it with everyone else? After all, other people’s blogs have always been of great help to me.


Me, personally? I’m Niels Scheffers: a forty-something, happy, laid-back guy.

I love (almost) everything tech-related and once my interest is sparked, I need to know all about it. My house is one big showcase for automation and there’s (way too much) stuff I collect, like Funko Pops and Back to the Future things.

But most of all (here comes the sappy part): I love my wife, dog and cat. Whenever I’m not geeking out, I spend as much quality time with them as I can. It helps a lot that my wife likes to geek out with me, too.

Get in touch

If you want to reach me, your best bet is LinkedIn or Twitter. I also use GitHub / Gist to post solutions and snippets.

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